If you are an OEM or ODM, your profit margin is probably reducing. Price competition is fierce on the domestic market, but the European market offers you new opportunities to increase turnover and profit. Take advantage of the strong purchasing power in Europe – especially in the end-consumer sector. Benefit from the new EU energy standard, which will increase demand for high-quality LED products.

MODULBÜRO supports you in the European market.

We help you with more than just marketing and sales. As a team of Europeans specialists based in Germany, we offer you a full range of services to ensure that you achieve successful business in a new linguistic, cultural and geographic environment.

We are your partner for the following topics:

  • Official & brand registration
  • Logistics, law and accounting
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Product advice 
  • Corporate Design
  • Branding
  • Catalogues and brochures
  • Exhibition booth design and construction 
  • Sales networking and local representative offices
  • Digital sales strategy (eCommerce)

Brands are a major success factor in Europe.

When European consumers make a purchase, they focus mainly on the brand. Once they have confidence in a particular brand or product with a melodious name and unique design, they remain loyal to it. There are big differences between brands – despite the close similarity of the products themselves. For example, one brand may stand for sporting exclusivity while another represents good quality at a low price. Brands must be positioned properly right from the start. If a new brand starts out with low quality, it will never gain the consumers’ confidence at a later date, even if its quality subsequently improves. In other words, a brand cannot simply change its identity –so when a product is launched, it must be closely geared to the wishes and expectations of its target group. And that is where MODULBÜRO can help you by determining the right brand strategy.

Your customers want to be close to you.

Direct contact is part of European customers’ culture. As a result, they particularly trust manufacturers with local representation because this usually means reliable service and long-term collaboration. As a foreign manufacturer, you are therefore advised to be close to your customers in order to prove your determination to be regarded as a serious business partner. MODULBÜRO offers you a full range of services to help you to build up your local representative offices.

How to ensure your SMART start in Europe.

Digital distribution in Europe does not merely take place on major platforms with a wide range of different products. In the European market, brands are also sold very successfully in their own web shops, because consumers (B2C) and business customers (B2B) trust the expertise and service of specialist suppliers. MODULBÜRO can also help you to design, program and maintain your web shop.

As an OEM and ODM, having your own web shop offers you a number of advantages

  • Products can be positioned as brand-­name products in their own right for the first time
  • You retain complete control of business processes, mark-ups and conditions
  • Significantly lower financial risk than in traditional retailing networksrepresentative offices
  • Digital sales strategy (eCommerce)

Welcome to MODULBÜRO, the home of marketing and media.

We provide the multi-disciplinary expertise you will need to make a successful start in the European market – marketing, communication, advertising, architecture and lighting design. We have been looking after reputable customers from Germany and other European countries for more than 15 years. We work in partnership with lawyers, tax advisors and consultants, who are experienced in international business, to give your business the impetus it needs.



摩德 (Modulbüro) 助您赢在欧洲

我们协助您的,不止于有效的市场推广和产品销售。 为确保您在陌生的语言、文化和地域环境中获得商业成功,来自德国的欧洲专业团队为您的业务提供一站式商业服务。















欧洲消费者在作购买决定时,品牌是他们考虑的焦点。若品牌的名字读起来有韵律并且产品的设计独特,使消费者产生信赖感后,他们就会忠于该品牌。即使产品本身相似,但品牌内涵的差别可以是巨大的。例如,一个品牌的代表着极限运动精神,而另一个品牌代表优质低价的高性价比理念。品牌必须在起初就应该有合理的定位。如果新的品牌一开始产品质量低劣,即使厂家后续提升质量水准,依然无法改变消费者对于该品牌的观念。换而言之,一个品牌是不能够轻易改变其内涵属性的。因此,任何产品的发布必须贴合其品牌定位群体的期待值。摩德 (Modulbüro) 在此帮助您制订符合欧洲市场特征的品牌策略。



直面沟通是欧洲长期以来的消费文化。也就是说,欧洲人更青睐在当地有厂商代表的品牌,因这通常意味着可靠的服务和长期的合作。对于外国厂家,我们因此建议您更走进您的欧洲客户们,以表您在欧洲建立长期商务关系的坚定决心。 摩德 (Modulbüro) 为您提供建立欧洲销售代表处所需的一切服务。



在欧洲,数字营销不仅仅流行于销售多样产品的大型电商平台上。品牌各自的网上直营店销售也很成功,因为无论消费者(B2C)还是企业客户(B2B) 都信赖专供店的专业程度和服务可靠。摩德 (Modulbüro) 帮助您设计、构建并维护您的官方网店。